TUTUVENI: Hopi's Stone of Destiny

Rosetta Stone At Red Rock State Park
The Ancient HOPI Tutveni Stone, Sedona, Arizona

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Amarushka and the Rosetta Stone
Amarsuhka with the HOPI Tutuveni Stone, Red rock State Park, Sedona Arizona, 2012

Rosetta Stone Explanation

Rosetta Stone
Tutuveni Stone resting at the Red Rock state Park Visitor Center off of Lower Red Rock Road

Rosetta Stone Tracing
Tutuveni Stone tracings showing the Clan symbols pre dating 1024AD

Rosetta Stone Close-up
Tutuveni Stone close up (CLICK on image for Enhanced and Enlarged Version)

A woman named Helen Vanderbilt Frye, and her husband had purchased 32 acres in the heart of Sedona along the Oak Creek overlooking Cathedral Rock. Later Helen Frye gave a portion of the property to Paul Twitchell and the Eckenkar Estate. The Tutuveni Stone of the Hopi had been located on a sacred site on her property which a large portion of it is contained within Sedona's Red rock State Park off of the Lower Red Rock Loop Road. Helena Frye has indicated that the Tutuveni Stone was always kept alongside Oak Creek where the Hopi Spiritual Elder Grandfather David Monongye came periodically to visit Helena at her home and to do sacred ceremony with the ancient Hopi artifact residing on her property.

Cathedral Rock Dragon Fire Overlooking the Hopi Tutuveni Stone Alter, Amore Art for Peace

The HOPI Tutuveni Stone was kept at the site of a very sacred and spiritual Hopi shrine that Hopi Elder David Monongye was responsible for overseeing during his lifetime.  He would be driven down to Sedona periodically with several others from Old Orbai on the Hopi reservation to check up on the Ancient Shrine.  They would do ceremony down there with the Tutuveni Stone, which they told her was very important for the Hopi and their future. 

Grandfather David
David Monongye, Hopi Spiritual Elder

The Tutuveni Stone indicated to them that in the future all the tribes would gather in the valley under Cathedral Rock for creating peace and unity.  The Return of the Hopi's prophesied Great Unifier, the Pahana Returned for The Great Unification. 

Unification symbol
Ancient HOPI Symbol of the Great Unification

'People of Peace'

The sacred rock alter and Hopi Tutuveni Stone of Sedona were tucked away, near an out-cropping and down along the river bank. They were not in an easy accessible place for anyone to stumble upon it.  For years the Red Rock State Park has fenced off the small area with a gate, just for the Hopi to come down to their shrine.  

The Tutuveni Stone is a key symbol and sign for the fulfillment of a very ancient prophecy.   Grandfather David passed on in the early 1980’s, shortly after this retrieval of the sacred Tutuveni Stone from Helen Frye.  He was seen by his wife, Grandmother Caroline to have walked out onto the mesa, where a pillar of light came down from the heavens and dropped him to the ground, already gone. Many believe his spirit ascended in that pillar of light.

A 9th century Tibetan prophecy states:

"When the iron bird flies, the Dharma [Buddhism] will go east to the land of the Red Man."

This prophecy was fulfilled in 1980 when the Dalai Lama visited America and met with Hopi elders in Los Angeles and with leaders of the Iroquois Confederacy in Syracuse, NY. 

Dalai Lama Shaking hands with Grandfather David
Grandfather David Shaking Hands with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Please see our Sovereign United Nations home page for more information on this momentous event!
"Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy to the world. The Hopi Prophecy Rock shows two paths: The "Path of the Two-Hearted" that leads to a nuclear WWIII and the 'Path of the One-Hearted' that leads us through a non-nuclear WWIII and into a time of Great Peace. The Hopi Prophecy speaks of this time in which we will enter what they call 'The Fifth World'. All of the First People have a variation of this Prophecy. The Mayans call it the 'Time of the Sixth Sun'. The Tibetans call it 'Shambala' ".  -- Kymberlee Ruff

Hopi Masau'u from the Pleiades - The Great Renderer, by Jack Andrews

"We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through four different worlds and life ways since the beginning.  At the end of each prior world, human life has been purified or punished by the Great Spirit "Masau'u" due mainly to corruption, greed, and turning away from the Great Spirit's teachings."  -- Chief Dan Evehema, Hopi Sovereign Nation

The Hopi settled in Tuuwanasavi, the area now known as Four Corners, where the state lines of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet (click image left). This area is the "heart" of Turtle Island and of Mother Earth, and it is the microcosmic image of the entire planet.

The HOPI people asked Maasaw to be their leader, but he declined. He said:

"A greater one than I has given you a plan to fulfill first. When the previous parts of the world were pushed underwater, this new land was pushed up in the middle to become the backbone of the earth. You are now standing on its west side slope. But you have not yet made your migrations. You have not yet followed your stars to the place where you will meet and settle.

This you must do before I can become your leader. But if you go back to evil ways again I will take over the earth from you, for I am its caretaker, guardian, and protector... So go now and claim the land with my permission." -- Frank Waters, Book of the Hopi, 1963

Maasaw then placed four different colors and sizes of corn before the leaders of the four different racial groups, and had each one choose which would be their food in this world.

Four colored Ears of Corn

The Hopi were the last to choose, and they picked the smallest ear of multi-colored corn.

Pleased by their choice, Maasaw said:

"It is well done. You have chosen the real corn, for all the others are imitations inside of which are hidden seeds of different plants. You have shown me your intelligence; for this reason I will place in your hands these owa tutuveni [sacred stone tablets], symbols of power and authority over all land and life to guard, protect, and hold in trust for me until I return to you in a later day, for I am the first, but I am also going to be the last."-- Frank Waters, Book of the Hopi, 1963

One of the three Bear Clan tablets describes the land from the Grand Canyon to the Rio Grande, which was granted by Maasaw to the Hopis.

Another tablet is inscribed with mnemonic symbols of prophecies. A third tablet maps the allocations of farmland to the various clans, and delegates leadership to the Bear Clan. The fourth tablet is a very precise map of the location of the Sipaapuni, the great underground city where the Hopi ancestors hid during the destruction of the past worlds. (see below image)  The symbols on the front of the tablet now held by the Fire Clan show the mask of Maasaw and the swastika pattern which represents the Hopi migrations. One corner is missing.

The back of the Fire Clan tablet shows the figure of a headless man, which symbolizes the following prophecy:

"In a time to come, the Hopis will be forced to develop their lives at the dictates of a new ruler. They are not to resist, but must wait for their Elder Brother, Antsa Qoetsapava Powatanica. A corner of the Fire Clan tablet was broken off and given to the Elder Brother when he left on his migration.

He hid it in the Sipaapuni city because he did not want to risk losing it in the course of his travels and reincarnations. He will retrieve it when he returns. In due time, the tablet will be split open to expose interior inscriptions which will reveal the origin and identity of the Hopi. Fitting the missing corner piece to the tablet, the Elder Brother will thus identify himself to the Hopi.

The tablet will be split open to expose interior inscriptions which will reveal the origin and identity of the Hopi. Then Pahaana will proceed to deliver them from their persecutors and develop with them a new and universal brotherhood of man. But if he accepts any other religion, he must assent to having his own head cut off. This will dispel the evil and save the Hopi people". -- Frank Waters, Book of the Hopi, 1963

Hopi Spiritual Elder Grandmother Caroline and Lama Khenpo Kartar of Tibet

The chief of the Bow Clan led the faithful Hopi to this new land, but he fell into evil ways.

His two sons rebuked him for his mistakes, and after he died they assumed the responsibilities of leadership. Then Maasaw sent the Elder Brother to the east and across the ocean. Upon reaching his destination, he was to start back to look for his younger brother, who remained on Turtle Island. The Elder Brother’s mission was to help his younger brother to bring about Purification Day, when evil people would be punished and destroyed.

 When the Hopi’s ancestors emerged from the underworld, they met the demigod Maasaw, who owns this world.

Maasaw had been caretaker of the Third World, but because of his pride, he had been demoted to become the god of death. When Kuskurza was destroyed, Taiowa gave Maasaw another chance and appointed him to be the guardian of this world. The people asked Maasaw for permission to live in the new land of Turtle Island (North America).

Maasaw said:

"It is up to you, whether you are willing to live my poor, humble and simple life. It is hard, but if you are willing to live according to my teachings and instructions and will never lose faith in the life I shall give you, you may come and live with me. Now you look at me. I am a poor man. I have almost nothing: I have only my planting stick, my seed corn, and a jug of water. I live a simple life. If you wish to live with me, you must sacrifice many things. If you want me for your leader, your chief, you must prove that you can live this way of life. 

Now look around. See this land. It is poor land. There is not much water and very few trees. But this is the richest land. There is great wealth under. But hear this warning --- you are not to disturb this land and take this wealth out as long as there is still war going on. If you do, these things will be used to destroy life and this will not be your salvation... 

Never disturb this land. Do not cede your land to anyone; don’t ever give it away. Above all, it is to provide your nourishment. Hold this land dear like a mother as long as you live. If you sell it you will no longer reap crops. Be prepared: one after another people will approach you and put you to the test in this matter. 

If, in addition, you are willing to adopt the religion which I practice, you will derive further benefits for your life... But you have arrived with great ambitions and expectations. When you fall into your evil ways again, you will make me weep... 

All right, you have settled in a desert, yet the land is filled with riches. You reside on the very backbone of the earth. All kinds of precious things are buried in this earth. There exists a storehouse of treasures underground but you must not dig them up yet. 

Three times big war will rage. Should you excavate these treasures while the killing is taking place, powerful weapons will be forged from them and people will be slain by them. If you act on your own in this matter, you will do wrong. Not before the day of purification has been completed, may you unearth these things.

At that time people will benefit from them. However, if these wars ever take place here, don’t pick up your weapons, and don’t engage in the business of killing. . .”-- Frank Waters, Book of the Hopi, 1963

Afterwards, real peace, brotherhood, and everlasting life would be established. The Elder Brother would restore to his younger brother all the land which the Evil One among the white men had taken.  The younger brother (the Hopi ancestors) was instructed to travel throughout Turtle Island and mark his trail with the petroglyphs we see today.

This was done to claim the land, and to record and preserve the history of the Indians throughout the reign of white men. The whites would destroy most of the native Americans’ oral history and culture before destroying themselves also.  A great white star would appear when the Elder Brother reached his destination. All people were to settle wherever they happened to be at that time, and there they were to remain until the Elder Brother returned. 

There, the Hopi lived a simple life as stewards of the land, which produced abundant crops despite being a desert. Their katsina ceremonies serve to maintain the balance of natural forces and to reaffirm their faith in Taiowa, in Maasaw and other spirits, and to show respect for all life.  Maasaw told the Hopi that after a time Pahana, White Man, would come and take their land and try to lead the Hopi into evil ways. Life would be Koyaanisqatsi ("World out of balance").

The Hopi were told that they must hold to their ancient religion and their land, and they must do it without violence. Maasaw promised that if they succeeded, their people and land would be a center where the True Spirit would reawaken.  Maasaw said that after many years the Elder Brother might change the color of his skin, but his hair will remain black, and he will wear it long, in a braided tail.

He will wear a red cloak or a red cap which resembles the back of a horned toad. He will speak the Hopi language, and he will be able to write. He will follow no religion but his very own.

He will bring (or come to recover) the missing corner of the Owa Tutuveni,
and he will correctly interpret the tablets.

The Hopi are to meet him on the trail on the east side of Oraibi if he is on time (on the last day of Soyal, the winter solstice ceremony), or on the trail to Sikya’wa (Yellow Rock), at Chokuw (Pointed Rock), Nahoyungvasa (Cross Fields), or at Tawtona (Where the Sun Ray Goes Over the Line) below Oraibi if he is 5, 10, 15, or 20 years late.  Then, great judgment and punishment will take place. The Elder Brother will help the younger brother obtain justice. In one day he will gain control of the whole continent.

Even the Hopi people must beware: "If he comes from the East, the destruction will not be so bad. But if he comes from the West, do not go up on your housetops to see because he will have no mercy."

It is said that the Elder Brother will bring with him two great, intelligent and powerful helpers.

One will have a sign of a swastika and the sign of the sun. The first helper can be interpreted to represent the German-Japanese Axis of World War Two. From the Hopis’ perspective, these enemies of the USA were doing the Indians a real service. The second helper will have the sign of a Celtic Cross with red lines between the arms of the cross.

In the Hopi symbology, this form of cross represents women, and the red lines indicates their menstrual flow. The symbol represents their liberation and the revival of matriarchal power after ages of suppression.  Maasaw warned that if these great beings failed, terrible evil would befall the world and great numbers of people would be killed. However, they would succeed if enough Hopi remained true to the ancient spirit of their people. Unfortunately, there are very few traditionalist Hopis remaining today, so the situation looks very bleak.  Hopi prophecy states that World War III will be started by the people who first received the light - China, Palestine, India and Africa. When the war comes, the United States will be destroyed by "a gourd of ashes" which will be thrown to the ground.

Unification Center
Unification Center

How do we translate the petroglyphs on such a sacred object as the Hopi Tutuveni Stone of Sedona?  What is the next step for those of us that are called to participate in the Great Unification which is an ancient Hopi prophecy that Hopi Spiritual Elder Grandfather David would refer to as the Return of the White Brother or Pahana Returned.

Arizona state flag. Arizona means Land of the People of the Sun

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