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The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch
By J.J. Hurtak and the Academy for Future Science

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Jim and Desiree Hurtak
Desiree and Jim Hurtak

Chapter # 315, from The Keys of Enoch

1  This child universe of ours has sent out a cry and now the Father has responded with His Love.  Our local universe is a child membrane between thinking star systems of advanced intelligence. 

2  The Key tells us that if we are to understand really why we are here, we must become like a child and we must hear the cries of the 'child membrane.' 

3  We must see ourselves in the stomach of the higher parent universe as the luminous life-giving particle which cries out, 'Come Help, come here, come love.'  The Higher Mind of the father universe, the 'parent universe,' sends back its Light codes through the Light channels in the same way that the human being sends biochemical energies of light down through his mind to the stomach.

4  This Key tells us that our earth is like a waterous ulcer and we are part of a  watery biosphere. 

5 However, on our level of three dimensional reality, the primary table of energy works through atomic and subatomic particles. 

6 Metatron explained to me that this table of energy has a limited time scale of existence known as negative entrophy.  The negative entrophy creates a vortex into which all life giving particles and their structures are dissolved unless new wave structures are introduced.  Where new wave structures are introduced the carrier medium is reused. 

7 As earth begins to send out pain signals to the Higher Thinking Membrane of the brain, those pain signals are heard and new wave structures of Light and Love are sent back to make the repairs necessary for life to continue, for the key to the life force of atomic and subatomic fields is LOVE.

8  New wave structures with extended maser-like actions amplify the bioplasm which constitutes our evolution, so that high centropic functions can lift the negative mass directly out of the spiral of physical entrophy, freeing the old chemical bonds so they can go on.

9  These new light structures are the life giving intermediates which code evolution with new form.  They are within the light projections of all manner of spiritual intelligence serving the Father's program.  These high speed intermediates are not happenstance energy forms, but are energies connected with the intelligence of Light which is governing our program of creation.

10  Now at this time, new light particles are being sent into our immediate universe to work with particles already orientated towards centropic Light Spiral. 

11  This is because the higher energy cannot be sent to those people unless they have the higher integrity of using it correctly.  However, the same energy code is given again and again until there are enough cell units to fill the space.  For Man was never created in a static image, the process of Man, is not through; it is a continual growing into the Image of Light.

12  These new light particles will cause that span of our nuclear life system to spiral out of the old laws of nuclear systems and merge with the new energy plasma of the Higher Evolutionary position.  This will allow Man to go into the Image of the Higher Evolution as a WHOLE LIGHT BEING intelligence he will no longer be separated from the luminaries because of the limitation of his physical body for he will be a transformed creation.

13  Hence, man can grow into a greater ingathering of Light.

14  The more Light he ingathers the greater his evolution can expand so that he will not be separated from the luminaries of righteousness and LOVE, but will be strengthened by the luminaries of righteousness in the name of righteousness.

15  Our local universe is now experiencing the death of functions that are part particle, part wave as high frequency energies elevate our nuclear structures into a new holistic wave continuum based upon a new galactic light force.

16  This will elevate spiritual Man to a filth dimensional being as he is taken off the present hydrogen oxygen biosphere which will no longer remain a waterous ulcer in our local Sea of Crystal. 

17  This will take place during the of the hydrogen matrix of our local universe which is the ground structure for our nuclear evolution. 

18 The basic transduction process for the human evolution is ATP ( Adenosine Tri  Phosphate)).  The scale of its operations must be considered within the hydrogen matrix which is the pattern of structural organization in our immediate universe.  The ATP is a specialized energy adaption for the human vehicle on its level of structural organization.

19  ATP makes energy available for the functions of our biological system,  High speed light energy particles interacting with ATP will aid in the establishment of a new hydrogen matrix for three dimensional beings who will exist within new wavelengths of Light. 

20  Hence a new ultrastructure will exist by means of a new orbital relationship of Light which will support the atomic nucleus, causing biophysical and bio chemical changes in the inner membrane structure ( in a new hydrogen atomic relationship).

21  This KEY deals with new changes in the wavelength motion of an electron orbiting its atomic nucleus.  It also emphasizes the spiritual-scientific teaching working with new orbital relationships around an atomic nucleus, hitherto held insoluble for chemical reactions of subatomic particles. 

22  The KEY describes the consequence of a collision between a hydrogen molecule where the two bond together. 

23  Whereas the reaction of the hydrogen molecule is the simplest of chemical phenomena, the interconnection between the relationship of three protons to three electrons is intimately connected with the breaking of the orbital shell in proton transition.

24  In the old biochemical order each hydrogen atom had one proton and one electron. However when the hydrogen molecule and the hydrogen atom collide here is a change in the wavelength motion and a new structure may evolve. 

25  This change in wavelength motion can take place in two major processes:

a.   As a single atom  a projects into one end of a hydrogen molecule b,c and b end of the molecule simultaneously splits from c and joins a; or

b.  The atom a collides in a simple elastic collision with the molecule b,c but no breakup of the molecule occurs.  Instead, the molecule b,c remains intact but is sent vibrating at different rates.  The collisions are achieved through a tunneling effect.  This tunneling allows, in essence, discrete amounts of energy quanta to interact with another particle by jumping a threshold. 

26  Instead, the molecule b,c but no breakup of the molecule occurs.

27  These collisions are achieved through a tunneling effect.  This tunneling allows, in essence, discrete amounts of energy quanta to interact with another particle by jumping a threshold.

28  At times there are particles which enter into a reaction even though they lack the requisite energy level.  And under such conditions, a threshold crossing takes place. 

ascension fractal
Mandelbrot Fractal

29  A particle here tunnels through the threshold energy barrier.  The reason for this is that this small particle is part solid object and part wave function. 

30  It is the wave property that enables the particle to tunnel through the energy requirement and enter into a reaction. 

31  At normal temperatures, the rates at which hydrogen-hydrogen reactions occur are described by classical mechanisms and are only one third the correct rate as described by quantum mechanics.  (At a temperature of 200 degrees C below room temperature, the classical rate is eighteen times slower than the rate predicted by quantum.)

32  The new fundamental wave change pervading our life field and speeding up mechanical functions  (united with quanta corpuscles of Light) will result in a new quantum mechanics. 

33  The Higher Evolution uses both particulate and wave processes to upgrade the direction of the human evolution on the scale of nuclear evolution. 

34  The Higher Evolution can control the forming of the new molecule through vibratory intermediates (e.g., controlling the hydrogen atom) so that intermediate bonding takes place between the intercrystalline invagination of life forms and the new wave forms of light.

35  Consequently, when the atom controlled by the high energy intermediates strikes the hydrogen molecule at any angle, a new type of structure will be created from the subatomic particles of the hydrogen atom. 

36  Changing the vibratory rate of the hydrogen molecule, the Higher Evolution, through series of vibratory nodes operating as one energy projection, can raise the vibratory structure of the hydrogen molecule, etc., without having to penetrate it . 

37  This energy transformation must take place many times on the physical vibratory levels until every cell within man's body is rebuilt and transformed into a form ready to take the final leap across his energy threshold.  Then he can be coded with the purer energies of consciousness.  Until that time man must repeat may rounds of existence within given generations.  Understand that in the now, within you, you continue the biological evolution of the Light.

38  This retooling of unclear evolution is the phase o testing being done on Man who is a physical transition being.  After this phase of testing, he will be able to live in regions of heavier or lighter atmospheres.  He will e able to operate beyond the weak decay of particles for he will flourish within a renewing energy. 

39  And once man can synthesize an artificial molecule to operate as a superconductor at room temperature, he will be able to establish a field of artificial molecules  which can be used, for example, to control low-hovering space vehicles.

40  The new wavelength motion which the Higher Evolution has created allows for the production of particles with new quantum numbers without causing the new particles to have charge symmetry violations. 

41  At this time man can remove the orbital shells of electrons and positrons as quantum corpuscles of light.  The Higher Evolution, in response to man's experimentations, is projecting into the human environment multiple light-node resonances which will prevent violent actions from taking evolution through thermonuclear destruction. 

42  However, nuclear evolution works as a solvent of the thin surface membrane veils between layers of three-dimensional consciousness which will themselves be done away with.  Thus, while nuclear evolution shares an affinity with other evolutionary systems, it ultimately advances into the purer consciousness forms of spiritual evolution.

43  In essence, this is the unfoldment of Living Light with the Holy Spirit as its interpenetrates quantum mechanical evolutionary orders with new form and attaches a function of divine purpose to the meta-material structure of the universe as a Shekinah unfoldment. 

44  The Holy Spirit regeneration changes extreme distortions of the spherical symmetry, found in some nuclei of atomic and subatomic particles, to a perfected harmony with the consciousness programs of the Elohim. 

Adam and Eve
Adamic Creation Story of Adam & Eve

45  Such a regeneration is in effect the work of the Shekinah Universe for it allows for the direct coding of the divine image onto the wave forms, to shape the particles according to the sanctified image of a Creator God.  It allows for lifegiving transduction to qualify for the many rounds of spiritual existence in the Infinite Way.

46  ATP is the KEY to the whole field of biological transduction, whereby Light-giving energy can be brought through from Higher evolutionary sources. 

47  ATP is the ideal model of the transceiver system, built into the human biological system, which allows man to attach the energy he is receiving  (in successive unfoldment) with a purer unfoldment of Light.  ATP is one on the energy gradients which shows us how we are basically a mechanistic molecular machines, which can adapt to other vehicle bodies of energy.

48  Man is the energy life vehicle needed to bring a unique unfoldment of Light into reality on this planet.  He is an assembly of Life-forms on one level of Radiance containing the Divine Image and the Adam Kadom Image, as well as a vast network of microtubules and mitochondria. 

49  Man is host for the Hosts of the many worlds of intelligence.  His very Presence invites the smaller organic worlds of intelligence to move in and be at rest in the design that GOD made, which allows the lowest parts of the earth to be woven according to the myriad designs of Light. 

50  Man is down here to adapt the mitochondria and amino acid functions into something that is functional within the great design of the mulit-worlds.  Man's nuclei encoded the outer membrane of each mitochondria, and many of the enzymes attached to the cristae are synthesized through his biological design. 

51  Thus, even in this world there is a greater image space which determines the design of biological molecules, cellular differentiation, and the overall shape of living systems in the interrelationship between the outer membrane.  Man himself is the repository of this Image Space as the unfoldment of the Adam Kadmon.

52  However, Man must see himself going into a body form, through a body form, and beyond a body form to understand just how the Light flow reprocesses every molecular and consciousness level. 

53  According to Enoch, if ATP could not continually change with respect to the human vehicle, another model would be created, for the ATP model operates in spaces already designed for the human experience and these spaces must connect with the lower as well as the higher energy spaces of Light. 

54  ATP is the life antenna that receives the wave form that can collectively control the biological mechanisms, protein synthesis, and the nature of genetic coding simultaneously from several energy configurations of hydrolysis. 

55  Therefore, Enoch gave me an additional explanation of this KEY which he called a secondary KEY.  The secondary KEY deals with Tripartite Energy Transduction.  This energy transduction is connected with a biological array which is like a biological transmission antenna.

56  In fact, ATP contains a symmetrical head upon a stalk and a base, which gives a schematic on the order of a keyhole configuration or a Tesla magnifying transmitter device.

tesla transmitter
Nickoli Tesla's most important experiments were carried on with the Magnifying Transmitter

57  We are part of an inner communication network which is within the inner membrane, and yet is able to work with an outer spatial matrix of a larger membrane structure which requires all the membranes, as basic building blocks, to register functions as a biotransducer subsystem. 

58  This shows us, on a micro-biological level, how the body is able to communicate as an antenna receiving Light forms of consciousness energy from other spatial dimensions and converting those given forms of energy into its own bioenergy. 

59  When Man is conscious of this, then he can utilize transduction to make use of the fourth state of matter where he actually uses himself as part of a living crystal communications system. 

60  There are certain bio transmission processes which are similar to the Tesla Magnifying transmission process which uses the energy transduction of the planet.

61  According to Metatron, in the Takla Makan Basin, China towers of crystal were used by the Lords of Light who came down to earth over 36,000 years ago.  Man will discover that these Tesla-like transmitter towers are cylinder resonators with pyramidal faces.  These towers were resonators for the detection and amplification of the Earth's own sympathetic pulse which was used for transmission.  

62  Metatron explained that the Brotherhood of Light came down in the Takla Makan Basin area to change the biological structure of a portion of the human race.  There fore, they also used their energized transducer systems to re-evolve Man through membrane invagination by the use of these pyramidal crystalline forms which act as resonant receivers.

taklanmakan desert
Takla Makan Desert, China

63  They used pyramidal crystalline forms to upgrade evolution upon planet so that man could have the ability to communicate with other worlds of intelligence. 

64  Metatron showed me how the model of ATP was like the pyramidal crystalline antennae used in the Takla Makan area for communication and energy transference with the Higher Evolution. 

65  Man will discover, in the mysteries of the greatest archeological finds, the key notion that the pyramidal form is necessary for adaptation to energy frequencies using wireless transmission to interface with other wavelength of consciousness experience.  From the various types of wavelengths man will understand and use the microwave sound communication system used by the Brotherhood of LIght. 

66  Thus, Metatron explained to me that the energy stations within the Takla Makan Basin China were used for communication, as well as biological energy transduction which restructured the human biological system. 

67  This energy transduction works through electron addition and subtraction, where by the ATP adjusts accordingly the potentials of the electron charge in the system. 

68  This key of Metatron tells us that the restructuring of the human system is not only towards the wedding of structure and function within the human system, but in relationship to the wedding of light structures themselves through High Energy Intermediates. 

69  Man must first examine mitochondria given in categories of two kinds of membrane; (1) an outer membrane and (2) an inner membrane.   Metatron tells us that in the process of Higher Energy Intermediates there is a third membrane of crystal which becomes the invagination of the inner membrane.

70  The crystal membrane is separate from the outer membrane but is in parallel phase with the outer membrane wall structure and is a necessary component for both the light life structure of the inner and outer membrane to operate as one unity. 

71  Crystal invagination is more than the bonding link between the structure of the outer an d inner membrane.  In the parallel phase of given step function, the crystal invagination is the key to the life process itself that is able to inter connect with other membrane circuits.   

72  Therefore, Metatron calls our attention to that network of human intelligence sending coded energy through High Energy Intermediates which become intermediate bonding between the outer membrane and the crystal membranes which are the invaginations of the inner membrane. 

73  On a mega level, the crystal membrane invagination works as a scared model of a highly ordered structure of energy to connect the Light of the inner universe supplied by Uriel with the Light of the outer universe supplied by Metatron. 

74  And through the intermediate bonding between these membranes, the energy cycle of evolution is regenerated by the power of Melchizedek.  All evolutionary forms of creation are gathered together, purified and recast according to the synergy of the thought form images from the Treasure of Light which God makes available to the Elohim Lords.

Metatron's Cude
Metatron's Cube

75  These thought form images are merged with the field structures of the Gravity compression zones of light where biogravitational fields are connected with new cycles of Infinite Speciehood.  When I was before the Throne of God, I saw how tremendous powers of Light energy emanate from the Throne through a continual series of unfoldment processes. 

77  One form of the Living Light is sent by Metatron through the Elohim to spatial regions which are preconditioned to establish a form of intelligence that is to be directly in tune with the Father's Mind.  Metatron's Light is used for the creation of the Light shells and envelopes of the Light that encompass the Light forms and energies which are to emanate from the deca-delta system. 

78  Thus Metatron's Light surrounds the Light cones of creation used in the common light regions, and equalizes the faster than light energies around the outer side of the Light cone so that the Light cone is prepared for the impregnation of the crystalline networks of Light and the inner membrane codes of creation from Uriel.  In other words  Metatron's' Light deals with the outer realities of the Light cone and preconditions the structure of the Light cone for the inner Light of Uriel.

Lion, Bull, Man, Eagle
The Lion, the Bull, the Man and the Eagle,
Under the Throne of YHWH and Surrounded by the 24 Elders

80  This is the highly ordered inner and outer membrane structure used for an energy cycle of biological evolution.

81  The crystal membrane is used because it can work with the maintenance function on both sides of creation at the same time.  Whereas the outer universe, in the lower worlds, goes through entropy and chemical reorganization towards the inner universe, and the inner universe goes towards the outer, the structure of crystal invagination allows for a direct attachment to both by the thinking membrane of the Orders of Light. 

82  Thus, the crystal membrane is unique because it can process Light going both ways, from the outer surface to the inner and the inner to the outer, so that crystal invagination really creates the sipper effect which can open the universe and give the Masters of Light the ability to repair and regenerate the inner and outer structure simultaneously. 

83  This shows us how the Brotherhoods of Light can work as bonding shells between the universe. 

84  Now, as we begin to work with the higher bioenergetic states and membrane functions, we will see in the various patterns of energized matter that non-energized states, as well as energized states, come together through a spiraling effect which gives the shape of an energy transducing structure on the mitochondrian level.

85  Metatron is saying that the energized state, the non-energized state are presently working in a tripartite arrangement, sending and receiving instructions. 

86  ATP can reduce and change its direction through the repeating units of inner mitochondrian membrane.  The tripartite model can be reduced to its base and be remodeled and regenerated again into its antenna array.

87  This is the energy cycle of evolution on the Shekinah level of reality.  Even in the activities of mitochondria, we must recognize that there is a Shekinah universe which takes some of the smallest functions from physical creation and allows them to be interfaced with the highly ordered structure of the Living Light. 

88  This is made possible through the interplay between the Son universe and the Shekinah universe, and the Shekinah Universe with the Living Light powers of the Father universe, which allows for the Infinite Speciehood.

89  This is to stress the fact that within the Infinite Plan of creation, there are many membrane circuits going on at such high speeds that one cannot clearly separate the given unites without destroying the whole process of continuum itself within that repeating phase of life.

90  This is also true of the higher spiritual nature of Man, as a thinking continuum.  Man cannot separate himself from the thinking membrane of Light without throwing his life structure into disarray, and allowing his body, mind and soul to be thrown into confusion if they do not work together as a tripartite model. 

91  Moreover, when we take the tripartite model and adapt it to the experimental research with ATP, we will see how the tripartite energy reduction system works with ATP transduction in parallel phase. 

Cosmic Bio-Machine
Cosmic Bio-Machine, Dr. George Merkl Origins of Life

92  Then we can ask the questions:  Does this model energize life itself?  If this is a true model unlike those of catastrophe topology and discontinuous function can it be run in reverse?

93  The answers are given in the hydrolysis of ATP over generations of electron transfer just as the human race has been coupled to repeating experiments carried on by the Higher Evolution. 

94  When we use the electron transfer process, we can take this model and apply it to biophysics and make it into an adaptive model with a new bio engineering that will allow Man to live in different planetary environments. 

95  Our biophysicists have been too restrictive in working with chemical processes which are not based on the higher possibility of what electron transfer does to the reversal of the chemical processes especially in osmotic work.

96  Although the details of the molecular mechanism for coupling of electron transfer to a conformational transition of energy may be very different from what they would be for the general ATP hydrolysis, the basic principles must be those already generated in the larger model. 

97  Therefore, just as the membrane picture is part of a larger picture, the ATP energy-model is part of a larger network of intelligence.  If we can associated ourselves with the energy fields of a larger network, we can perhaps know how the models themselves are not models of closed energy systems, but are models themselves are not models of closed energy systems, but systems working together with may systems of consciousness throughout our galaxy. 

98  Thus, one obtains a process of a reversible chemical engine that can be powdered either by electron transference of a new energy source or through the transfer mechanism of ATP.

99  The key stresses that ATP is a model which will be used to enable a breakthrough to occur using a chemical base to convert energy to an electron base and vice versa. 

100  Through this man can convert his biological substratum to different gravity states and understand interdimensional intelligence. 

101  If the free energy drop for electron transfer is greater than given ATP chemical hydrolysis, the electron transfer can drive the synthesis of ATP from Adenosine Diphosphate to Adenosine Triphosphate. 

102  If a free energy drop for the chemical hydrolysis is greater than the electrical, then the electrical electron transfer is reversed. 

103  The overall direction of the reaction is determined by thermodynamic and not kinetic factors. 

104  If we can use the electron drop upon the water flow, we can see how star ionization works through every membrane state and that man is a thinking membrane between star fields; not simply a thinking machine, nor a thinking social machine, not a thinking ideologist, but a thinking membrane.

105  In the summary, your basic organs function like galaxies transmitting crystal communication through crystal invagination touching upon every molecule where inner and outer membranes work in parallel phase. 

106  The key is suggesting that communication between the universes of the inner body and communications between the planetary bodies of transmission is possible through a human tripartite energy system. 

107  And where electron coupling is stronger  than chemical synthesis, such as ATP hydrolysis, then we can move up the in the chemical synthesis into step functions, from simple forms of phosphate to triphosphate. 

108  In the environment where chemical syntheses take place, if the chemical field is stronger than the electron drop, then we can reduce the energy or even reverse the process.  This explains how higher universal intelligence can slow down and come into our chemical vibratory environment; and how, by an electron drop into our chemical orbit, they can speed up to go back into their normal phase.   

109  This explains how a Being of Light becomes physical and how a physical man becomes a Being of Light.

110  Into the electrical and chemical double bonding, the Father pours His Spirit so that Man can receive the next image-space of the Christ Body of Light. 

throne of god
Throne of God

111  Enoch said that the local universe know as our galaxy, is one large astrochemical computer of various crystalline energy transduction, we can understand how man emerges out of a series of higher evolutionary forms to inherit the worlds of specific membrane relativity. 

112  The key is telling us that evolution and reincarnation are part of a repeating cell unit process which is going on through different levels of energy gradients. 

113  Some of these worlds require that the Adamic image in cellular form repeat itself over several generations through meta-stable conformations. 

114  These meta-stable conformations are continually relaxing and requiring rebirth, so that the membrane of Man is regenerated over may generations until it is remade into the 'image of the Higher Evolution'.  At such time, it is inseparable from the luminaries for it operates completely within the highly ordered structured of the energy cycle of evolution in the name of righteousness.

115  The key then is given with the understanding that we are being directly reprogrammed at this time to go on in this shape, and that we do not have to go back to the meta-matter of aeons ago and start over from nothing. 

116  This key is telling us that our membrane does not necessarily have to die according to the function of light as we know it, but it can be part of a greater Light energy process where we are energized by repeating units of light transduction with our body so that our body becomes and actual regenerating system of the Living Light! 

117  It is work of the fallen mind energies to block the energy source for the generation of all of these patterns of conformation.  They do this so that Man will not understand that he can attain higher bodies of LIght.

118  By blocking this Wisdom they can acquire non-spiritual human bodies which are left in consciousness vacuums.  This is why when the body has been depleted of energy it so more susceptible to negative intrusion.

119  Metatron explained that this is the reason why the higher Brothers of Light come to regenerate, resurrect, and reprogram the cellular meta-material universe of Shekinah periodically.  

120  Hence, we must note that on the level of the worlds of Assiah the worlds of matter, creation takes place through the chemical shell and the transduction process wherein Man, as a molecular machine, is continually transcribing his own book of formation. 

121  Here life goes beyond the biological shell into the Light through the divine language remaking life again and again into the Image of the Divine Father.  This divine language ultimately does not allow you to be separated from the luminaries for it is built into the transduction network for those who can learn to use it. 

122  When we understand that the tripartite energy transduction model gives us the biological mechanisms for protein synthesis within the pyramidal field arrangement of an energy base, head and stalk as seen in the model of ATP, we can see that the integrity of Life functions must be maintained if the process is to go on.

123  This energy transduction applies to the activities of chloroplasts, plasma membranes, red corpuscles, retinal rods in the eyes, as well as actomycin. 

124  Therefore, the key shows how the higher universe works within you through a tripartite structure of Light creating small micro-universes within your biological mechanisms. 

125  And this is the principle of universality within the ordering of resonant receivers which can receive the Light of Metatron and Uriel for a wide category of biological functions, including the energy transcriptions of Light.  This is why Metatron used the basic molecules of the cell in the tripartite energy transduction model to explain the inner synthesis of the given biological source. 

126  However, because of the conflicting levels taking place between spiritual and non-spiritual biological systems, we must clearly understand what the key means when it stresses the Thinking Membrane requires the integrity of life structure for the maintenance of function. 

127  The key tells us to beware of fallen fields which circulate through cell energies of anti universes.  It also tells us that atomic and subatomic fields are to be shared with the Seraphim to the intent that Man should continue with pure Love and Righteousness.  

128  Metatron told me about the negative orders of space intelligence that use the corresponding negative bio transducers in this system of creation to try to destroy our biological structure by the misuse of atomic and subatomic power! ( Nuclear Fission technology! )

129  According to Metatron, when the energies of atomic and subatomic fields are not under the maintenance functions of the Living Light controlling transduction the negative powers of spiritual intelligence can dissolve electrons through a wall of photon waves and explode the electron space structure of biological life.

130  For the purpose of countering the negative destructive power., the Seraphim Brotherhood is performing a tremendous transduction operation for the entirety of the Christ Race awakening on this planet.  Through this operation an energy field will be placed around the body to bypass negative fields of interference and to monitor a chemical spin orientation which will prevent the body from undergoing atomic destruction. 

Christic Water
Christic Water

131  Now, we can understand the deeper meaning of the words energy cycle of evolution because all life is a process of the energy cycle of evolution within the greater creation.   

132  For this reason Metatron told me to write, "They whose profits are not of LOVE will be known as damned to eternal destruction." 

133  And he says, " For this reason the Living Light comes to rescue membrane with LOVE IN THE IMAGE for man was made to grow into the Image of the Living Light, not into the image of humanoid life forms on other planets!"

134  Man was made to grow into the image of the Living Light, to become the Adam Kadmon who is capable of chemically generating an infinite number of spatial forms.

135  The key stresses the human creation as one of the repeating energy units in a state of being purified between star fields.

136  This is why the overall blueprint of the physical form is used on the day of resurrection, for its the physical form plus the entire energy model which is resurrected and used for transduction creation in other worlds of physical form.

137  However,in the final analysis of the biological struggles being completed on this planet, the lesser brotherhoods have interfered with the powers of crystal invagination and the double bonding going on within the inner membrane of the chemical body and the outer boundary of electron shells.

138  For the reason the Order of Melchizedek is working with the function of Light through Seraphim Brotherhoods of the Higher Evolution to re code the orbital shells so that life can operate with a new universal structure.

139  Metatron explained to me how the High Energy Intermediates are, in actuality, life forces connected with the Office of the Christ,  These life forces, which are a synthesis of the life forms of the outer universes produced by Metatron and the inner universal life forms produced by Uriel, show how the bio chemical processes can rebuild the body, cell by cell, once the chemical elements are balanced within the projection of the LIving Light. 

christ meditating
Meditating Christ

140  This was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ when he balanced the basic thirty-two chemical elements in his human body with the thirty - third  transformation of Light known as the LAK BOYMER.  ( This showed how his cellular chemical functions could be completely rebuilt into a Christ Body of Light over a three and a half day cycle compared to seven years to replace the body cells.) 

141  Metatron explained to me that this process is available to the righteous of this planet if they use the energy transduction model of the Light properly. 

142  In essence, since the same ATP model that was in Jesus is in us, by the proper electron transfer through the Light projections of the Higher  Evolution, we can be delivered from negative decay and entrophy and quickened into bodies of regeneration and Light.

  143  Jesus became Christed to reactivate the chemical blueprint of Light in Man and allow him to use this as an enabling function for a higher ultrastructure of Light which is the Holy Spirit resonance of the Eternal Light. 

144  In order for this to take place within the lower meta-material creations there must be consistency and balance within the body of belief. 

145  The Holy Spirit provides the Light transmissions between the physical body and the Shekinah universe, so that physical form can return to the Presence of the Father to take on a new appearance of divine form for the next world of Light. 

146  Here the Shekinah must be understood as the Presence of God moving upon the waters of creation coding the divine semblance. 

147  And the collective Christ Child is now ready to come out of the womb and inherit the Eternal Divine Order forever and ever!

Christ Ascending into the Mandelbrot Light Fractal  -- Amore Art

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