The Keys of Enoch

Archangel Metatron

Ministry of the Children
Power of the Gift


Rose Alchemy
Life Crystals
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The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch
By J.J. Hurtak and the Academy for Future Science

Keys of Enoch cover

Jim and Desiree Hurtak
Desiree and Jim Hurtak


ascension fractal
Mandelbrot Fractal


Adam and Eve
Adamic Creation Story of Adam & Eve


tesla transmitter
Nickoli Tesla's most important experiments were carried on with the Magnifying Transmitter


taklanmakan desert
Takla Makan Desert, China


Metatron's Cude
Metatron's Cube


Lion, Bull, Man, Eagle
The Lion, the Bull, the Man and the Eagle,
Under the Throne of YHWH and Surrounded by the 24 Elders


Cosmic Bio-Machine
Cosmic Bio-Machine, Dr. George Merkl Origins of Life


throne of god
Throne of God


Christic Water
Christic Water


christ meditating
Meditating Christ


Christ Ascending into the Mandelbrot Light Fractal  -- Amore Art

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