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About Us

The Ministry of the Children was founded in Sedona, Arizona in 1988 as an educational and research non-profit, and spiritual fellowship.    The Ministry is non-denominational, supporting the study, research and contemplation of the world's many spiritual traditions and practices.  Weekly fellowship meetings and regular study groups expose participants to the core similarities reflected within all ancient sacred knowledge and wisdom teachings.

The Ministry of the Children's opinions and content in this website or other written materials are pro-life, pro-love, pro-truth, pro-unity, pro-organic, pro-sustainablity, pro-ethical standards, pro-peace and pro-prosperity for all of humankind.  There are choices we can make individually as well as collectively towards a higher path of sustainability. 

"The Ministry of the Children will reveal the portents in the heavens and on the earth and will overcome the false powers of religionists who deny 'ongoing prophecy'. For we have been told by the Ascended Master Noel: 'And after that it must occur that I shall pour out my spirit on every sort of flesh, and your sons and your daughters will certainly prophesy. As for your old men, dreams they will dream. As for your young men, visions they will see. And even on the menservants and on the maidservants in those days I shall pour out my spirit.'
The children as part of the inner priesthood of LIght, the family of Joseph, will prepare the faithful to become an organic unity of LIght. In this the child is the basic function of all physical intelligence entering the Covenant of Light.
Enoch told me that the children who would be born to highly spiritual parents would not come into the world under the influences of the old Zodiac-Mazzaroth cycle, but would be born with karmic release, knowing that they have direct communication with the Heavenly Father's Kingdom. These children will incarnate with a specific purpose to serve the remnant seed of the world and to prepare that remnant seed with great powers of spiritual fusion which will pour out of their 'super minds'.
When the grotesque beings, who have not the LOVE of the Heavenly Father, arrive on a planet which cannot cope with their form of energy, they can be destructive to all families and all nations upon the planet.  For this reason, the Adamic Seed is given the code of
to be used as a Light protection around the family against those powers not identified with the Heavenly Father on High. The family, then is the family of the Shekinah body of light connected with the Son's body or Christos of the life-light, and the Father's throne room within the pillar of light-life. The family in its lowest unit is the inner body of the male, the female womb, and the seed crystal all unified in the impregnation of the world of bio-chemistry with the world of ideas, sanctified by the will of the Heavenly Father. The outer physical reality is man, woman, and child upon this planet, but without the unification and sanctification of the Seventh Ray of Light, the FAMILY OF LOVE would be disregarded by the predilections of the flesh."  -- Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak; Key 115, Page 142

Statement of Purpose:

Our experience on Mother Earth is to provide each of us the opportunity to seek the Truth of our own true nature (origins), evolving through loving and learning from and about the Great Mystery of Life.  In the Sacred School of Life the first thing we must create a sacred life in harmony with our own basic nature.  Seeking redemptive ways to sustainably improve our shared environmental and our cultural, social, political and economic relationships with one another is an imperative. For this level of organic synergy we need the full, developed potential of every individual man, woman and child, attained through holistic re-education, healthy associations and a sustainable lifestyle.  In this, Liberty and Freedom must be our prime focus, with opportunities for love and loving relationships within intimately conscious, ecologically sustainable communities.

The Activation of the Star Gate of Orion for the Return of the Golden Capstone representing the Return of the Christ Consciousness to the Great Pyramid of Giza as a time piece and thus emanating outwards through the world grid that intercepts on the GIZA Plateau..

Golden Capstone Project:

New Milliennum Development

"Creating a New Paradigm for Cultural Evolution and an Ecologically Sustainable Future"

'Doing More with Less'. . .

"Humanity is in great crisis.  We're in great crisis because evolution is intent on integrating all the human beings who for thousands of years were deployed remotely from one another in finding their own ways of surviving.
Now, she's integrating all of humanity. Earth is going to integrate all kinds of different credos and all the different colored skins. Evolution is intent on doing that. This brings about a great crisis due to the enormous amount of conditioned reflex in humanity—the relative ignorance that's still dominant in human affairs.
Evolution is also intent on making all of humanity economically successful. There are so many, many centuries, or thousands of years of humanity operating on the basis that there's not enough to go around; it has to be you or me. We've had all the great political institutions, and so forth, organized that way, so society does not understand. Those who are in power tend to amass even more power rather than yielding to evolution's apparent intent to make all humanity an economic success."  -- Buckminster Fuller in 1962 (courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Print Department)

Faith, Evolution and True Leadership:

The Ministry of the Children realizes that our progenitors are the Gods and Goddesses of antiquity, the Elohim or the EL's, none other than the Anunnaki the prometheans of the most recent Adamic Crestion out of Mesopotamia.  They left vast repositories of ancient records and artifacts pertaining to our origins that were designated by them to be revealed at the End of Time, which by the Mayan Calendar is slated for 2012.  Current political, economic and especially spiritual leaders of the world, must unite now, and reach out to every aspect of human endeavor by offering a re-learning and deeper understanding of the simple truth that waging perpetual wars for profit, plundering third world nations' natural resources and plundering our own resources will only end in the total destruction of the environment which we all share, our precious home, Mother Earth. 

We firmly believe that there is a fallen, genetic program encoded within our very cells, placed there through the genetic engineering of our forebearers that must be purged, cleansed and corrected.  We live in an organic, fractalizing, maturing world, and the problem must be corrected at a very basic level for true healing, transformation and peace to begin. 

Return to Source, by Gilbert Williams

Who We Are

The founders of the Ministry of the Children are a small family of like-minded individuals, that have been working together since the the late 1980's to provide a focalizing lens for a core group of practical visionaries intent on radically transforming the foundations of our current civilization.

We are proposing a Spiritual / Philosophical S.U.N. Council of self-initiated, free-thinking, independent and ethical individuals to spearhead the re-education  and Unification of the world's leaders.  The S.U.N. COUNCIIL must demystify and clarify our true Origins of Life:  who are we really?  Where did we really come from?  Why we are we here?

A critical aspect to empowering any fundamental change in our shared reality are the Ancient Halls of Records,  left around the world by the Gods and Goddesses of old.  Revelation of these hidden truths recorded and stored in the Earth can offer humanity great insights at this time of revelation, the End Of Time, 2012.

Ministry of the Children, 1988 Sedona Arizona


Marsha 'Amarushka' Middleton
Orion Middleton
Christian Englander
Douglas Michael Moore


Mystic Rapture

Christ Consciousness

Divine Right to Rule

& the Secrets of the Supreme Arcanum

Amarushka's  Personal Journey through the Mystic Rapture . . .
"The Supreme Arcanum of the ancients was the key to the nature and power of fire.  From the day when the heavenly hierarchies first descended upon the sacred island of the polar ice cap ( or emerged from the Inner Earth through the hole at the top of the earth) it has been decreed that fire should be the supreme symbol of that mysterious abstract divinity which moves in God, Man and Mother Nature. The Sun was looked upon as a great fire burning in the midst of te universe.  In the burning orb of the sun dwelt the mysterious spiritus controlling fire and in honor of this great light, fires burned upon the altars of countless nations. The fire of Zeus burned upon the Palatine Hill, the fire of Vesta upon the altar of the home, and the fire of aspiration upon the altar of the soul."  --  Manly P. Hall

photo mayan calender
Mayan Calendar

Entering our Galactic Day

"The Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end for 2012. Rather, they state it is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our choice of how we enter the future ahead. Whether we move with resistance or acceptance will determine if the transition happens with cataclysmic changes, or gradual peace and tranquility."  -- Joseph Robert Jochmans

In' Lakesh

"I am another you" or "I am another yourself" -- Mayan Greeting

These words are spoken with deep reverence as a recognition of the divine within another person.

The Mayan Hunab Ku is the name of a deity , described as "the supreme god".

We welcome and advise you to conduct your own research and contribute your own, unique revelations, before arriving at any definite conclusions to the materials published on this web site. They are unique ideas for you to ponder. The answers to the mysteries of life lie within you. Go within, seek and you shall find.

These are non-dogmatic explorations of creative concepts and ideas, with freedom of thought, and semantic art.  Truth is plural in our dualistic reality at this point in our evolution. There are always two sides to each coin! Never give up the quest for the truth of all that is!

We are all children of oneuniverse

"The Knowledge of Truth is the Sovereign Good of Human Nature." --Sir Francis Bacon
"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a 'thing-oriented' society to a 'person-oriented' society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered"-- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rose,grail and twinrays

As part of the ancient Alchemical Mysteries we recognized that in the Sacred union of Feminie the (Moon) - pituitary gland with the Masculine (Sun) - pineal gland is generated within the Grail Cup (pituitary gland) the mysterious 'Super Hormones' or 'Waters of Life.' so that your soul may blossom as Rose


Rose Alchemy & HumaLife Products

Rose Alchemy's purpose is to help guide you in the blossoming of your rose (soul) through alchemical purification of body, mind, soul and spirit. May we suggest that the process will be further supported by the ingestion of Super Food Elixiers for the purification and nurturing of your body, mind and heart.

Please refer to our HumaLife Products page for more detailed information.

Healing Cancer Naturally

A Personal Story by Amarushka


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